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Love in a confusing psychocrime novel urgh...

...In a good way I guess.
At least there's "some" comedy in this modern lit headache of mine!
I love Dmitri...he's so comedic and cute. Not to mention a completely lovestruck fool, something I normally dislike reading about, it's adorable.
Heh. It was probably because I got so tired of trying to find out what was going in Rodya's head. Dmitri is a simple-minded fool. And Dounia is all the good traits of Rodya in female form.

Dounia. I love her name. It's the title of a relaxing song by Bliss (well all their songs are relaxing...). I smile like crazy whenever she shows up.

I still dislike Rodya. And Luzhin. And Arkady (Svidrigailov?).
Tags: crime and punishment, dmitri, dounia, razhumin

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