Love in a confusing psychocrime novel urgh...

...In a good way I guess.
At least there's "some" comedy in this modern lit headache of mine!
I love Dmitri...he's so comedic and cute. Not to mention a completely lovestruck fool, something I normally dislike reading about, it's adorable.
Heh. It was probably because I got so tired of trying to find out what was going in Rodya's head. Dmitri is a simple-minded fool. And Dounia is all the good traits of Rodya in female form.

Dounia. I love her name. It's the title of a relaxing song by Bliss (well all their songs are relaxing...). I smile like crazy whenever she shows up.

I still dislike Rodya. And Luzhin. And Arkady (Svidrigailov?).


To the father of Rodya Raskolnikov,
WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY did you have to write that danged novel of yours in in a way that makes my brain twist like a pretzel and STILL refuse to grant me enlightenment?
I admit now- I am a simple-minded fool! The narration frustrates me because I have to cram myself into the shoes of a desperate man.


ARGHHHHHHHH! This is like Moog, except more frustrating because it's in English and I had overestimated my reading comprehension...
Ma- I'm such an egoist. >_>

O_____________________________________________________O It's been a while huh? A lot of things are happening but I still get free time- I'm just to lazy to log in and post here ^_____^;
I've just finished submitting my application forms to three of the four graduate programs in my university, and I've already scheduled my interview for the Pol Eco program. I'm going to submit my Management form on Monday... and then attend a lecture on the political disintegration of the ASEAN on Tuesday. I'm also going to renew my passport on Wednesday so I'll be passing by Manila bay. A little voice in my head is joking that I that might even get to see Corporal (or was it Lieutenant?)Daniel Smith around. ^^; Then my interview will be held after lunch of Thursday. I also have to submit some free writing prose/poetry or artistic interpretation of a line from Shakespeare's "Much Ado about Nothing" (I love Benedick, the poor fellow :P). Ha- it looks as if this coming week's Friday is safe for me.

... And I have no idea why I just gave my schedule.
Actually it's because I have no idea what to post on this journal at the moment. ^^;

There's a flea infestation at my place right now so I've been outside harvesting bloodsuckers from the walls outside my house- there's even a few that got through the front door's cracks ^^;- and then dropping them into a San Miguel Beer bottle filled with gasoline/kerosene. I'm sure is there were any alcoholics around that time they would've gone sober for the rest of their lives- or stopped drinking SMB. ^^;

Oh. And my connection keeps on "timing out" whenever I access so I've been running dry on fan fiction lately- especially on Shizuru|Natsuki fan fiction. >_> and I really wanted to read "The Chase" by paxbanana...*pif*
Hello. How are you? :D


...Ergh... Schoolwork has been piling up and teachers are giving out last minute paper requirements...Puppies are my only salvation O_O ...
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Just starting

I made this journal as a way of helping me improve my English.
Oh. And just to alert you, this IS my first time using an online journal.
So... Hello there :)
I am sorry, I cannot think of anything else to say at this moment. ^^;
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